Why Sandy Toes and Writer Woes?

After a very long, frustrating time trying to come up with an interesting and catchy name for my blog, (we’re talking weeks of lists and soul searching!) last night I was walking along the beach to take a photo of the moonlight rippling in the bay. I live on a boat and usually jump straight into the water from afloat, so it had been a while since I’d felt the sand in my toes. I honestly think it’s one of the most relaxing feelings there is. I love walking across the beach barefoot and getting sandy toes! I grew up in Cornwall and have always loved the beach and the ocean.


I smiled to myself that Sandy Toes is actually quite catchy but I also wanted the name of the site to make it clear I’m a writer. I love writing and happily spend hours typing away in my fictional worlds once I get going…My trouble is I’m a grade A procrastinator and spend ridiculous amounts of time planning, researching and doubting myself before I actually let the words flow, which is where my writer woes comes in!

I’m now very happy with the name and hope that it will grow with me as the site develops its own personality in this vast digital world.


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