Remembering Father Vincent

This week my great-uncle, Father Vincent, passed away. He was such a special man who dedicated his life to the Church and to helping people. He was a Dominican Priest and he worked all over the world. He spent nearly twenty years in Trinidad and Tobago and even worked alongside the Pope in Rome. Despite this, Father Vincent remained a humble and gracious man. When … Continue reading Remembering Father Vincent

April Afloat

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. We now have our beautiful Border Collie puppy April Blue and she has really injected all of our lives with lots of energy. (Sorry Bailey.) She’s exceptionally good natured and has stolen everybody’s hearts already. She’s a Blue Merle, which is quite an unusual colouring and lots of Italians we’ve met have asked me if she’s a … Continue reading April Afloat

One week today we’re bringing a puppy home!

I’m so excited I think I might burst! This time next week we will have just brought April Blue, our new Border Collie puppy, home and she’ll be running around the house. I can’t wait! I’m a little bit nervous about how Bailey will react, but he’s met dogs in the past and he’s very playful, so fingers crossed they will get along soon. He … Continue reading One week today we’re bringing a puppy home!

Moving and settling in

Sorry I’ve been off the radar for a while. We’ve sadly moved off the boat in Rome, due to work commitments, and moved into a beautiful house beside Lake Maggiore, near Milan. We moved at the beginning of April and we’re finally starting to settle in. Although I’m sorely missing the boat, I’m also enjoying the perks of living on land. The main plus is … Continue reading Moving and settling in

New Year…New Hopes, New Motivation!

Happy New Year Everyone! I love the festive period. In the past month I’ve over indulged in food, wine, giving presents, receiving presents and I’m very thankful to be in a position to be able to do so. I’ve loved all of it however, there’s something really satisfying about stopping all the excesses and starting afresh on the first of January. Although statistically most New … Continue reading New Year…New Hopes, New Motivation!

Ear ache and nationality troubles in Italian A&E

I’d been suffering with a blocked ear and ringing before we even left Rome to sail to Greece. It started the day before we left, so on the day of our departure I went to the marina office and asked for the details of a doctor that could help me. I went and to my surprise realised I’d been sent to a gynaecologist! He did … Continue reading Ear ache and nationality troubles in Italian A&E